Paris on the cusp of banning e-scooter rentals

Paris is about to become one of the only cities in Europe that will enforce an outright ban on rented e-scooters. A referendum held in April gave Parisians the choice to vote for or against the rental scooters. The result was emphatic among those who did vote, with 90% against the trottinettes. These scooters will still operate in other French cities, including Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Cities around the world are debating the use of vehicles such as e-scooters since:

  • These vehicles are perceived to be a public nuisance or part of the future of urban mobility
  • There is a need to introduce restrictions on scooters, such as speed limits and parking zones
  • A dilemma exists whether to allow these e-scooters to be ridden or not to be ridden on pavements and in bike lanes

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