Africa on the Frontline of Climate Change: Quantifying Sustainability Risk.

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Policies designed to mitigate climate change through the regulation of GHGs create additional costs for banks in impacted industries. These costs have a knock-on effect on the business models and credit profiles of the banks. Lending officers and risk managers must ensure that any risk-related effects are understood and built into the risk management systems and processes.

GreenCap is a ‘Risk as a Service’ (RaaS) solution that enables banks to construct climate pathways as scenarios to be applied to their balance sheets. Industry and firm-level exposure to the policy routes is reflected within matrices that represent each scenario. The system allows scenarios to be fine-tuned in a way that captures the full spectrum of exposure, including the cross-border effects of BCAs, and hence provides a full 360-degree view of the financial risks that banks will need to deal with as we move through the green economic transition.

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Africa on the Frontline of Climate Change:
Quantifying Sustainability Risk

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Our Mission

Greenpoint’s mission is to allow banks globally to incorporate sustainability risk in their financial strategy, and quantify their climate risk to future-proof. Banks in Africa are pivotal for the region’s growth – they deserve the tools specific to the region´s physical and transition risks. We want to provide the software that will enable diverse banks to include climate change as a category in their risk management frameworks and to ensure that their climate strategies are financially grounded.