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Policies towards an economic transition will impact every sector of the US economy from Agriculture to transport to buildings and energy. As the backbone of the US financial system, community banks will experience this impact first and most severely.

GreenCap is uniquely designed to provide liquidity scenarios built specifically around transitional policies. Banks can access GreenCap using the form above to see for themselves how their liquidity position will be impacted across a range of climate policy outcomes and test the reporting capabilities of GreenCap.

GreenCap Accelerator for Banks
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What are the benefits for my bank

Climate specific stress testing scenarios not available in traditional stress testing
View of the bank’s resiliency in the face of climate related policies
Capacity to create contingency liquidity planning against transitional policy scenarios

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Raw loan level data
(we'll take care of getting it mapped)

Meeting to review results and hear your feedback

Greencap Accelerator Mission

Our Mission

Greenpoint’s mission is to bring low-cost, high-value, tier 1 quality software to community banks. Our view is that the strength of the US financial system relies on the diversity of local community banks, and we feel that they deserve access to the same quality of tools available to tier 1 banks when it comes to credit and liquidity risk.