UN regulator predicts deep-sea mining is inevitable

The UN regulator, the International Seabed Authority (ISA), predicts that searching the ocean floor for valuable metals is just a matter of time. The ISA oversees deep-sea mining and regulates mining activities in an area that covers around 54% of the world’s oceans. The practice of deep-sea mining is controversial because it involves the use […]

Sustainability skills in high demand in the green jobs market

There is a shortage of qualified candidates with the right expertise for green jobs. Knowledge about sustainability-related business practices is in demand, and employers are trying to find qualified candidates for these green jobs. The green jobs market is evolving constantly, due to which companies are struggling to keep pace with the changing skill sets […]

New Jersey forbids the disposal of EV batteries in landfills

New Jersey has made it illegal to dispose of EV batteries in landfills in the state by passing the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) law. Battery manufacturers are required to create an alternative procedure to recycle as much of the discarded EV battery as possible. This is mandated by the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Management […]

A smarter and more modern electric grid is the need of the hour

The current electricity grid must be changed in order to accommodate sustainable energy in the future. Businesses, utilities, and governments must collaborate to get there. Clean electricity is expected to power our smart buildings, vehicles and other electrification technologies in the future. Energy consumption is projected to increase and surge 50 percent globally by 2040. […]

India slated to become renewable energy hub with projects worth billions

India is seeing a significant increase in renewable energy investments as a result of its “favourable investment climate. Although renewable energy sources like wind and hydropower are becoming more popular, India might become a global leader in green energy if it were to bolster its solar industry. With several recent multibillion-dollar agreements, India is quickly […]

Under Armour launches tool to measure microfiber shedding

Sportswear company Under Armour has released a tool for its supply chain partners to assess how much microfiber sheds from their textiles. It is estimated that around one-third of the plastic litter in the oceans may be from petroleum-based fabrics that get removed during washing. Such high figures have prompted clothing companies to rectify the […]

General Mills supports farmers in adopting regenerative agriculture

American Food processing company General Mills and American Farmland Trust are running a pilot program to train and support farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture. This form of agriculture includes practices that improve soil health and decrease farming’s carbon footprint by absorbing carbon deep in the soil. The aim of General Mills is to promote regenerative […]

Tesla publishes its fourth-quarter vehicle production and deliveries

Automobile company Tesla has published its fourth-quarter vehicle production and deliveries report for 2023. In 2022, Tesla reported annual deliveries of 1.31 million and production of 1.37 million electric vehicles. The new numbers represent production growth of 35% year over year and delivery growth of 38% year over year. Tesla did not offer numbers for […]

Asia is not yet prepared for the effects of climate change

As the frequency of climate change-related disasters increases, more and more people are being displaced, especially in Asia. South Asia is most likely to have the most people displaced by climate change. This is due to the density of its population and also due to the vulnerability to the effects of climate change. Some statistics […]

H&M funds offshore wind project in Bangladesh to get factories off fossil fuels

Clothing company H&M Group is investing in Bangladesh’s first offshore wind project since Bangladesh is home to many factories that stitch the retailer’s clothing. It is a utility-scale installation being developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. Other companies are also being encouraged to join the project, which is slated to begin operations by 2028. The project […]