Nordic Leaders Declare Support for TCFD Recommendations

  • The Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future released a guide to assist Nordic companies initiate the process of implementing TCFD recommendations.
  • The goal of the joint support for the TCFD, by the Nordic CEOs for Sustainable Future, the Norwegian Finance Ministry and the Oslo Stock Exchange, is to be committed to a resilient financial system and safeguard against climate risk, with better closures.
  • The Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future drafted a guide called, ‘Climate Risk Management, a Guide to Getting Started’, which is based on their experiences of getting started with implementing TCFD recommendations.
  • Currently the TCFD’s recommendations have been endorsed by over 2150 supporters, including companies, regulators, governments, central banks and financial institutions. This has given impetus to lay down the foundation for a global framework for climate reporting standards.

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