An increase in electric vehicle usage could strain the U.S. power grid

With over half of all new cars sold in the U.S. by 2030 expected to be electric vehicles, the nation’s electric grid will be put under major strain. Electrification can be an effective decarbonization solution only if it’s paired with a major buildout of renewable energy. Domestic electricity demand in 2022 is expected to increase up to 18% by 2030 and 38% by 2035.

All this demand means that major changes would need to be made to the electric grid, including:

  • Adding more high-voltage transmission lines to transport electricity from rural wind and solar power plants to demand centers
  • Installing smaller distribution lines and transformers for last-mile electricity delivery
  • Using hardware such as inverters that allow customers with home batteries, EVs and solar panels to feed excess energy back into the grid

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