Physical and regulatory tipping points are being reached, and banks need to take notice

The 2022 IPCC findings, along with the regulatory policy ideas from the sec, are required reading for banks building their climate risk programs. The IPCC report, released on February 27 was alarming… The long-term aim of the world’s governments, as agreed at the various Conferences of the Parties (COPs), has been to limit global warming […]

Banks need to tread carefully after COP26, when starting their sustainability journey

Pathways and promises often fail to become policies. After Glasgow, banks will have to exercise careful judgement when selecting transition scenarios. Conference of the Parties in Glasgow (COP26) has a long lineage… The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was created in 1992 to fight ‘dangerous human interference with the climate system’. The […]

Banks risk becoming a weak link in the greening of supply chains

New and agile risk management strategies are required to mitigate the financial impact of climate change Banks will witness a dramatic shift in risk management in the coming decade… Climate change is now forcing them to reassess the way they measure credit risk, specifically the way they incorporate the impact of climate change into their […]

EU’s green policies need essential support by financial institutions

For the EU to be fit for 55, bank risk management needs to be fit for 22 In the run-up to the COP26, The EU has published numerous policies to support its ‘Green Deal’.  ‘Fit for 55’. These policies aim to reduce The EU’s CO2 production by 55% (relative to 1990-level), with the goal to […]

IPCC puts the world on high alert

NGFS provides a path for the banking industry to fight back The Network for Greening of the Financial System (NGFS) recently published the second phase of its framework for the economic impact of climate change and mitigation policies. In this article we review the framework and its importance in fighting climate change. NGFS started in […]