Avoiding bank liquidity risks arising from climate change

Recent problems at Credit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have rekindled market fears around liquidity and stability within the banking sector. It is worth using this moment to consider how destabilizing climate change may be to the sector. Banking liquidity is defined in highly specific ways… Specific liquidity ratios exist that serve as […]

System thinking around tipping points is needed for banks’ climate risk strategies

Climate pathways are a mix of adaptation and mitigation. Unexpected physical impacts and positive feedback loops will dictate prioritization of policy rollout. Climate pathways are built on a range of predictive models… Scientists engaged with climate change have been building effective potential climate pathways since the early 1990s. These are collated and curated by the […]

Banking is the foundation of sustainable buildings

It is imperative for banks to work with developers to ensure a sustainable built environment As the COP26 conference in Glasgow approaches, governments around the world are seeking solutions to enable them to meet their self-set targets to create a CO2-neutral world by 2050. Spending commitments in Europe & the US are already colossal, but […]

Climate change disclosures leave banks exposed

Business potential is being ignored In 2021, the world is focused on climate change, with the physical impacts of the Anthropocene wreaking havoc across the world, including central Europe and North America, with ‘once in a century’ floods and fires becoming regular news items. Governments and scientists around the world have identified potential pathways and […]