COP27 – What must financial firms take away?

COP27, which concluded in Egypt recently, was held at a time of rampant international energy price inflation, a land war in Europe, and against a history of increasing intransigence in specific areas of funding. Even so, some achievements of the conference are well worth noting by banks. History dealt COP27 a difficult hand to play… […]

US climate bill re-ignites beacon of hope against climate change. Banks need to take notice.

The US recently signed into law, a landmark climate bill that has revived the feasibility of the 2-degree/net zero targets of the Paris 2016 COP. Banks should pay particular heed! Its economic legislation… Officially called the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, the recent legislation effectively puts the US economy on a determinedly greener path,  aiming at reducing […]

Finance, agricultural products, and climate change

The global food industry and climate change are highly interconnected. Banks financing agriculture need to understand this relationship and the risks it creates. This paper highlights these two important aspects of modern life, with a focus on sustainability within agricultural products and production. It also delves into externalities of the food industry with regard to […]

6 principles banks need to adopt to thrive in the upcoming green economy

With increasing clarity on climate change, the roadmap to combat it is ever-evolving. to be a part of the solution, banks need to encode un guidance on responsible banking. Governments around the world are making promises and commitments to limit global warming to 2 degrees (as measured against 1990 levels). Policies are being created to […]