US climate bill re-ignites beacon of hope against climate change. Banks need to take notice.

The US recently signed into law, a landmark climate bill that has revived the feasibility of the 2-degree/net zero targets of the Paris 2016 COP. Banks should pay particular heed! Its economic legislation… Officially called the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, the recent legislation effectively puts the US economy on a determinedly greener path,  aiming at reducing […]

Physical and regulatory tipping points are being reached, and banks need to take notice

The 2022 IPCC findings, along with the regulatory policy ideas from the sec, are required reading for banks building their climate risk programs. The IPCC report, released on February 27 was alarming… The long-term aim of the world’s governments, as agreed at the various Conferences of the Parties (COPs), has been to limit global warming […]