Banks need to tread carefully after COP26, when starting their sustainability journey

Pathways and promises often fail to become policies. After Glasgow, banks will have to exercise careful judgement when selecting transition scenarios. Conference of the Parties in Glasgow (COP26) has a long lineage… The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was created in 1992 to fight ‘dangerous human interference with the climate system’. The […]

COP26 – The ending of a coal fuelled global economy on the horizon

A consortium of banks, businesses and governments have committed to a coal free future. 23 countries have commited to phase out coal power. Tier 1 Banks have committed to end international funding of new coal power. Additional 190-strong coalition agrees to phase out coal power. The full story can be read here

COP26 – Methane pledge signed by 105 countries in Glasgow

The methane pledge, announced by the US and EU earlier in the year, has now been signed by 105 countries at the COP26 conference. Key points of the pledge include: Methane emissions cut by 30% by 2030 Global warming of 0.2 degrees would be prevented by the successful achievement of the pledge China, India and […]