Initiating The Climate Imperative in a time of Chaos

Heat waves in Europe have seen record temperatures and wildfires. Conflict in Ukraine has created huge energy price increases. After a two-year pandemic, lessons can be learned. Weather and climate are not the same… Record hot days are not, in themselves, evidence of climate change. Climate is, by definition, a measure of long-term weather patterns. […]

Finance, agricultural products, and climate change

The global food industry and climate change are highly interconnected. Banks financing agriculture need to understand this relationship and the risks it creates. This paper highlights these two important aspects of modern life, with a focus on sustainability within agricultural products and production. It also delves into externalities of the food industry with regard to […]

EU’s green policies need essential support by financial institutions

For the EU to be fit for 55, bank risk management needs to be fit for 22 In the run-up to the COP26, The EU has published numerous policies to support its ‘Green Deal’.  ‘Fit for 55’. These policies aim to reduce The EU’s CO2 production by 55% (relative to 1990-level), with the goal to […]