Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies are set to play an important role in supporting clean energy transitions in Southeast Asia. Regional cooperation, storage and transport is essential to achieve this task. Click to read more:

The importance of jobs in clean energy sector

The transition to clean energy affects all strata of the society, uneven in many cases with impacts on different countries, communities, etc. The rising unemployment and loss of jobs due to the transition is giving policy makers a major headache. Click to read more:

The world’s electricity systems must be ready to counter the growing climate threat

Electricity systems around the globe are are finding it difficult to keep up with the rising demand for power amid severe heat waves and extreme drought like situations. There in an increasing need to invest in better infrastructure to keep up with increased demand from households, factories, offices etc. Click to read more:

Micheal Bloomberg’s Statement on G20

The G20 placed its support behind the TCFD’s framework for climate related risk disclosures.  It is significant as these countries account for 80% of the world GDP. Click to read more: